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Translation Definition of Translation by Merriam-Webster.
Learn More About translation. Post the Definition of translation to Facebook Share the Definition of translation on Twitter Time Traveler for translation. The first known use of translation was in the 14th century. See more words from the same century.
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Guide for owners of resources. Please note that to enable Translation on Demand of resources, only editable files can be uploaded of maximum 20 Megabytes Mb in volume. Please contact us if you have problems uploading editable files at scientix at
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How fast is it? Currently the translation only takes a couple of seconds of delay however, we are working very hard to get this lag shorter and we will release updates of the app with every improvement. Is the translation perfect?
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A translation is a rendering of the same ideas in a different language from the original: a translation from Greek into English. A paraphrase is a free rendering of the sense of a passage in other words, usually in the same language: a paraphrase of a poem.
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Document translation Free download translation software Free online translation Language translation Machine translation Multilingual translation Professional translation Quick translation Technical translation Text translation Translation dictionary Translation services Translation site Translation tools Web site translation Translation. Experience the quality of. Neural Machine Translation.
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You can no longer use our free machine translation service for your basic-level translations. The good news. You can get an instant translation quote in under 30 seconds here Go to instant quote tool. Break boundaries with our state-of-the-art enterprise-grade machine translation here Go to SDL Machine Translation.
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A good middle ground can be to have a machine translation reviewed by a human certified translator. Can I do anything to help the translation process? You can help the translation process by providing clear, easy to understand source material for translation.

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